What is life energy? Where does it come from? We may never know. It is a mystery that the mind can never comprehend. This poem is about sunshine. Furthermore, it is about you, me and sharing the gift of life. I enjoy the sunshine How about you? However, its true significance is often forgotten. Do you remember? It is possible to experience it now; in this moment. This is because you have always known that it is there. It is life. Awaken and allow it to shine. You may say...okay but the sun is not always shining. This is indeed an odd thing to say. What then? Where is the sun on a cloudy day? It is always there; don’t you feel it? It is a light that glows very bright. It is a vibrating frequency. This energy is not only out there. It is here now; in you. The mind can not understand. However often it may try. There beyond the mind is the one that knows. The warmth of this energy is always felt. We are engulfed in its beauty. Likewise, we are always bathing in its caress. The intensity is strong. It is as if my heart will explode. These are the moments of divine awareness. This is the moment when I am peaceful; serenity abounds. A cloud may appear; even in a moment that is so clear. But the sunshine; this energy will shine through. Be active, be aware; feel what is always there. We are very lucky. A human being...this is what we are; that is a fact. However, you and I are so much more then that. The face in the mirror masks your true self. We are ultimately this energy. It is here, there and everywhere. This is a priceless treasure. It is life. It is within our body, heart and soul. We are to love. It is to be shared. Enthusiastically, we should be in love with life. This is my wish to you. I hope that you are joyfully alive. I offer you love. Indeed, you inspire me. You are my Sunshine. We are of spirit. Its essence can always be felt Therefore, let it shine. Living can be so wonderful. Awaken and experience the sun. We only need to share, care and forgive. Loving life is to love each other. The details will soon be forgotten. This is a human-made world. However, it has gone rotten. To live is to love and to give is to get. This is the one that should never be forgotten. We are each of this one spirit. This energy of life is the link that unites us.