We are from Stone age, Bronze age and Iron age, but now I think we are in the doomed age. We are too quick to cancel other people in life as if we are not making mistakes of our own. We are too quick to ruin someone's life and bring others down. We are too quick to insult others and cyber bully them. We are not afraid to lie just to destroy others image or reputation. We are doing everything for clout, even it means destroying everyone's happiness and life. We promote hate and division . We rejoice when others fail, lose their jobs, lose what they worked hard for or accomplished. When they divorce or go through hard times or heartbreak. We laugh when others are not making it in life and are experiencing pain. We do all this In the name of poverty, that we are also suffering. I just hope you will chose to differ. I just hope you will treat people the same way you want to be treated in this doomed internet age.