Another interesting example of this sudden thrust into the limelight from 2010/11-2018/19 is the case of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (Rodden Rating AA), who like Angelina also had Uranus transiting her 10th House, containing her Midheaven. Early in her career, she had difficulty getting roles as an actress until she landed the part of Rachel Zane in July 2011 in the popular Suits TV Show, a role which suddenly made her popular. As if her instant success wasn’t enough, she also dated and eventually married into royalty as is well-known. Like Angelina, her reputation in the mainstream media seems to swing either way as well. As Uranus leaves her 10th House in 2019, we may find a settling down of her career and reputation sphere, perhaps as she eases more comfortably into her royal life.
— Cate East Success Astrology: Your Celestial Map of Success