Thrilling Reads for the Perfect Beach Vacation

Thrilling Reads for the Perfect Beach Vacation

It's easy to slip into a slumber when on a beach vacation. Thus, it only makes sense to pick up a thriller read that is in complete contrast to what you are doing in real life. Not only does this allow you to transport yourself into a world that is exciting and even a little dangerous, but it also promises an edge-of-the-lounge-chair reading experience. Here are some recommended books that guarantee a little bit of mystery, some adventure thrown in for good measure, a hint of fun, and a whole lot of thrill.

1. The Beach by Alex Garland

The Beach

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If there's one book you've got to read for a breathtaking adventurous time, it's The Beach. Quite possibly the book that jumpstarted the backpack tourism trend, the story follows Richard, a British national who, while travelling through South East Asia chances upon a secret island. On the island, danger lurks around every corner, but it is also home to a utopian community of international travellers where Richard eventually finds friendship and love. Tackling emotions of intimacy, desire, fear, and the excitement of living life to the max, The Beach will make you want to leave everything behind and head on out in search of our planet's many hidden secrets.

2. In The Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami

In The Miso Soup

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The slow build-up of In The Miso Soup is captivating. Ryu Murakami weaves a morbid tale of mystery that revolves around Frank, an overweight American tourist, hiring a local guide, Kenji, to show him Tokyo's nefarious night spots. With the news of a serial killer causing panic, it's not long before Kenji begins to suspect the actions of his customer as odd and eccentric. Paranoia or is Kenji really on to something, In The Miso Soup will have you guessing until its very shocking end.

3. Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson

Hell's Angels

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Hell's Angels is the legendary writer's take on one of the most famous and notorious gangs to ever ride on the roads of the US. A collection of personal accounts, as experienced by Thompson, when he spent a year with the Angels, he writes about understanding their culture and lifestyle, beyond the persona of being misfits. Thompson presents, in his journalistic writing form, an in-depth account, complete with interesting characters, and a never before seen look into the working of the deadly gang. A hair-raising ride from start to finish, you don't want to miss out on reading Hell's Angels.

4. Wanted by Mark Miller


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If you're a graphic novel fan, reading Wanted by the beach is a must. Firstly, forget about the washed-up, but still satisfactory, Hollywood movie based on this comic. Secondly, ask yourself the question, what if the villains won? That's the premise of Wanted in which Wesley, a "loser" in life, discovers that actually, he's in line to be a part of an underground villain organisation. The transformation in Wesley's life is sudden, but one which goes to extreme as Miller doesn't hold back on the gore that comes with Wesley's newfound freedom to do and get away with anything. Edgy art panels and a tight plot make Wanted a brilliant read.

5. Those People by Louise Candlish

Those People

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A murder mystery at its core, Those People is an intense look at neighbourhood dynamics and how things change at the drop of a hat. When Lowland Way gets a new set of loud and obnoxious residents, everyone in the community is affected. Suddenly, there's a growing consensus in wanting to throw the newcomers out, until a supposedly freak death gets people thinking. Captivating, full of twists, and touching upon the age-old dilemma of dealing with neighbours from hell, Those People will resonate with readers at one level or another.

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