Four of the Very Best Literary Hotels Around the Globe

Four of the Very Best Literary Hotels Around the Globe

It's one thing to wander inside a bookshop and get lost in its delights, and a whole different story when book lovers get to stay a night or few in residences that celebrate the joy of reading. Many hotels around the world feature prominent links with books, be it through famous authors who once stayed there or stories that were written in one of the guest rooms. However, here are four hotels that go over and beyond in their bibliophilia, creating spaces that are every bookworm's dream come true.

1. Book and Bed – Tokyo, Japan

Book and Bed

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An enchanting hostel, staying at any of the Book and Bed locations in Tokyo, is a once-in-a-lifetime bookish experience. This book-themed capsule abode allows guests to spend the night surrounded by thousands of books, all available for reading at leisure. Although the hostel refers to itself as an "accommodation bookshop," none of the titles are for sale. Residents can, nevertheless, read from a diverse and expansive collection, featuring books in several languages, during their entire stay, whenever they want. Most of the "rooms" at the Book and Bed are basic with just a mattress, pillows, and a reading light, encouraging residents to spend as much time flipping pages as possible. Their location behind bookshelves, though, is what gives the hostel an unforgettable aura. A night at this legendary literary hotel costs approximately $70.

2. Le Pavillon des Lettres – Paris, France

Le Pavillon des Lettres

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In complete contrast to Book and Bed, Le Pavillon des Lettres exudes luxury from every nook and corner. The centrally located Parisian hotel has rooms with imposing city views, iPod docking stations, and all sorts of contemporary conveniences. However, look beyond its French sophistication, and book lovers will discover that the hotel is a homage to the written word. The boutique residence has 26 rooms, signifying all the letters in the alphabet, with each letter representing one notable author. The literary connection doesn't just end there, for the décor consists of walls lettered with the writings of the specific author, think Shakespeare, Voltaire, Kafka, and Hugo, adding a sense of storybook magic to every stay. The hotel also has "literary room service," bringing books about Paris and its rich and artistic heritage to your doorstep. Not so much a budget option, rooms here start at $250 but do promise an extravagant sojourn.

3. Sylvia Beach Hotel – Oregon, USA

Sylvia Beach Hotel

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Staying at Sylvia Beach, named after the iconic bookseller who started Shakespeare and Co. in Paris, is reserved only for hardcore book lovers. The hotel's idyllic beachside location gives it an alluring personality; however, the absence of TVs, telephones, and WIFI in rooms will probably keep the selfie-obsessed Instagram generation away. The family-run century-old hotel has been in existence since 1912 but took its present-day literary bed and breakfast avatar during the 1980s.

The hotel is intimate enough with only 21 rooms, each one celebrating an author. There's one themed after Dr Seuss, another after J K Rowling, and a few more honouring legendary writers like J R R Tolkien, Jane Austen, and Virginia Woolf, every abode unique in its décor and style. Even more inspiring are the grand scenes of the Pacific, especially from the strategically placed uber-comfortable library. Still, what shines is that the hotel offers just about enough opportunities for voracious readers to either mingle with each other or else slip away from the crowds and get lost in their favourite book while taking in the refreshing ocean air. Room rates at Sylvia Beach start at $130 and include breakfast.

4. The Literary Man Hotel – Óbidos, Portugal

The Literary Man Hotel

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The Literary Man is quaint in more ways than one. It claims to the "biggest in the world" of its kind. In its previous life, the hotel was a monastery for nuns. Moreover, even though its name oozes bookish charm, the rooms at the hotel are more traditional Portuguese with wrought-iron beds, vintage wooden doors, and only the occasional small stack of books on the nightstand. The real relationship with the book world at the hotel is in its common spaces. The lounge houses several thousand novels, close to 60,000 in case you are wondering. Its restaurant offers a literature-inspired menu, and then there is "bibliotherapy," the perfect way to de-stress with a book in your hand. Add to that the old-world charm of Óbidos, the walled-town situated an hour away from Lisbon, and you have a winning combination hard to resist. Best of all, most rooms at the hotel cost a little over $100, making it an economical stay for readers.

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