5 of the Very Best Places to Read in Melbourne

5 of the Very Best Places to Read in Melbourne

A city with an exceptionally high student population, you are more than likely to come across people carrying books everywhere in Melbourne. Add to that the amalgamation of distinct cultures through its diverse residents, and it’s no wonder that Melbourne is a world-renowned literary destination worth exploring.

Book lovers wanting to discover the city will find annually held literary events and several charming bookstores here. Moreover, the best places to read in Melbourne are ideal for finishing your book and come with added benefits like good food, fresh air, sightseeing, and the opportunity to spend a laidback afternoon doing what you love best.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens

Situated a mere 2 km from Melbourne’s city center, Royal Botanic Gardens are an idyllic escape that allows you to read in the lap of nature. From early morning until sundown, the 94-acre gardens offer residents and tourists several distinct sights to explore. Fern Gully, Oak Lawn, the Ornamental Lake, and the Herb Garden, each spot comes with unique flora and spectacular views. While there is plenty for environment enthusiasts to experience, the gardens are considered among the best places to study in Melbourne. Students often occupy benches or spots on the green grass to dig into their academic books or the occasional light and breezy novel, making the most of cloudless, sunny days.      


Naughty Boy Cafe

Naughty Boy Cafe Melbourne

At first, Naughty Boy comes across as any other hipster cafe with its cool vibe, funky wall art, and chic design. So why is it one of the best places to read in Melbourne? Because of its food, which is delicious to eat, but phenomenal to look at. A perfect spot in the city for book admirers, you can easily spend a quiet afternoon here sipping on coffee while reading a chef memoir or any book on food for that matter. However, we recommend that you make the most of their vibrant food preparations and spectacular freak-shakes by clicking photos with books for your Instagram account. And if you happen to be a book-loving gourmand, don’t miss out on trying their smashed avocado, vegan falafel bowl, chicky ramen, and the cherry-ripe freak-shake.

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State Library of Victoria

The Dome - State Library of Victoria

The many libraries of the city make for some of the best places to read in Melbourne. Spread out throughout the center and suburbs, students and readers have multiple options from where they can borrow books or perform academic research. The State Library of Victoria stands out for being truly a sight worth visiting. Not only is it “Australia’s oldest public library,” but it also has a collection of over two million books, photographs, maps, and journals of prominent men and women from the country’s past. There are several places in the library where a reader can sit and indulge in a favorite book. Mr. Tulk and Guild Café are two excellent choices when you wish to sip on coffee while reading. For a more iconic reading site, head to The Dome. The octagonal reading room is massive, architecturally brilliant, and can “hold a million books and up to 600 readers.”


St. Kilda and Other Beaches

St Kilda Beach

When we talk about beaches in Australia, Bondi is legendary, and one of the best places to read in Sydney. Since the sun, sand, and water are an integral part of the Australian culture, going to the beach in Melbourne with your favorite read is also a must. St Kilda and Elwood are two of the most popular beaches near the center, brimming with activities for the whole family. For a book lover who wants to step away from the crowds, take a 30-minute drive to Parkdale Beach, known for its shallow bars and family-friendly environment. Not forgetting bookstagrammers, Brighton Beach is the place to visit if you want to take some beautiful pictures of books with a background of the colorful and world-famous bathing boxes that line the beach.  


Naked in the Sky

Naked in the Sky

This rather cheeky-named rooftop bar is the perfect place for a bibliophile to spend a day reading a romantic novel. Overlooking the CBD skyline, Naked in the Sky promises gorgeous panoramic views, making it an exceptionally spectacular spot to relax and give in to the laidback Australian vibe. The bar comprises of an indoor and outdoor seating area, the latter being much in demand on bright sunny days. The drinks menu is extensive, and you can enjoy bespoke cocktails or Australian wine while lost in the magical world of the story in your hand.

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