Happiness is discerned as a trait than a transient emotional state complexity and ambiguity love in understanding the concept of happiness have resulted in differing perspectives between Western and Eastern thinkers. The Westerners’ thought sought to understand man’s drive for happiness by analyzing the external factors, while the orientalists, especially estern like Neplease thinkers, gave prominence to the inner being (or ontological stance) when understanding happiness. Researchers into human inspirations following the thread of desire to its source, found that man’s deepest inspirations is essentially to avoid suffering, and to attain happiness. Every sensory desire to avoid pain, and to experience pleasure; and beneath every deeper, heart’s desire is the longing to escape sorrow, and to attain permanent happiness or joy. Happiness of breathing whatsoever we accomplish, where abouts we zest, we create happiness with us. Basically, the key to absolute happiness is to do your perfection in the performance in which God has placed you. Then you can be a sovereign within. All the divine perceptions like love, compassion, gratitude, boldness, give up the negativity meanwhile modesty would be worthless without happiness. Happiness means excitement, happiness or permanent happiness, an expression of the ultimate bliss. Happiness is also the form of consciousness; God or mother is absolutely supreme existence; substance, God is ever new joy, God is every new happiness, divinity or love or mother is unlimited happiness and this happiness is omnipresent. Practice your unity with this happiness. It resides within you; and it encompasses infinity light. Endless conscious bliss, eternal and boundless, Infinite fortune. When your energy has broadened and realize its presence everywhere, then you unite with Spirit. If the whole world were given to you, you would grow tired of it that is why contentment is the highest gain in life so no power or miracles can compare with the true happiness which is divinity, illumination or God. This enduring happiness is what all is looking for. When you rest on ones behind specially in the yoga or silence of Egyes,deep meditation, happiness globule of conciousness up from within.