I already made-up my mind that their minds are made-up about not doing any business with me? But what made you made-up your mind? Well, I tried multiple times and I always get the same answer. But Is it the same question you ask every time? Mostly, sometimes it’s different but still linked to the usual question. Well, as you know the mind is the only thing which isn't stationary, it keeps wandering, it keeps shedding & picking new beliefs, when something worse comes, the bad becomes acceptable. People change, but we don’t bother to check if they have because we don’t allow our beliefs to change. But shouldn’t I save time by avoiding the unnecessary effort which is bound to fail? An honest effort is driven by the desire to succeed, not popular opinion. Popular opinions are popular because it involves less effort & a curtain to hide behind the failure of others. Don't underestimate the power of a mind that is made up, it can lead you towards trying again or skipping the process, well, skipping is a guarantee of a failure, trying still holds a chance to success.