Goofy was on his way to the valley to propose his girlfriend when he realized he didn’t bring the roses. Middle of the road he can’t see anything except a house with a rose garden on top of the hill. He thought he can get few from there. He pressed the bell on the main gate, while waiting, he started thinking: What if no one is at the house? Should I steal the rose? What if they demand money for the roses? Ok, better for me, AED 10 is fine, but 20 is also ok, but wait! What if they try manipulating my situation by asking me a lot extra. What if they refuse? Should I inform them how difficult it was to convince her to marry me? What if they say they don’t care about my story? How can they not care about my story? Finally the door opened & the host asked: How can I help you? Goofy walked off but not before saying: you know what? I don’t require roses from someone who doesn’t care about my love story.