Life is a helluva journey. You face situations. You meet people. You try to understand situations. You try to understand people. But you will never ever be able to understand people. You will never ever be able to understand why some things happen. You feel you desperately need someone to support. But you won't find any support. You feel you need an anchor amidst the unpredictably nature of life. But there won't be an anchor. And you will feel your feet are losing their balance. You will feel you are falling down. You will feel the weight of life pulling you down. And you are drowning in the ocean. And you are shouting for help. But nobody can hear you because everybody is busy living their life to listen to you. You thus give up on people. You lose faith in people. You lose faith on life. You just go on living life without feeling anything. You live life in a state of numbness and indifference. And then one day you look at yourself in the mirror, and you have become a stranger to yourself!