It will take time for you to get the recognition that you deserve. This world will not recognize real people and their real struggle. Because the majority are fake here. They have sold their souls to live the life of luxury and comfort. They deal in the currency of glitz and glamour. They are driven by the pettiness of greed and patheticity of selfishness. They don't recognize honesty, integrity, and real struggle! But you do not become a cynic. You cannot give up on your idealism and integrity. Let the fake heroes & heroines show of their fake happiness by gloating on social media. Don't let them take away the real hero or real heroine in you! Stay real and stay humble. Some of these fake peoole buy likes and followers to show a fake achievement on social media. Some even buy 'bought awards' to make themselves feel better! You will never do this I know! Just don't give up on your struggle. Stand alone. Stay strong. Live a life of real achievement. Fight On!